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In-Home Euthanasia

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To make the process of losing your pet easier, we are now offering compassionate euthanasia’s for cats and dogs in the comfort of your own home. To make your time of sadness and grieving less clinical and more of a personal private service within your home and the animals comfort zone. We will be offering this service within a 25 mile radius of Well Pet’s home base, if you live outside of that radius we will build you a custom quote.


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How to book the appointment?

  • Give us a call to request a phone consultation with the doctor to discuss, pricing and scheduling. Please plan for a two to three day waiting period between request and call from doctor due to fluctuations within her schedule.

How much notice is needed?

  • Preferable about a weeks’ notice. However, these matters are usually not scheduled to far in advance and are challenging to predict. We recommend you call and make the arrangements with the doctor when your animal starts showing signs. Then when it is time to schedule the appointment you just have to make the appointment.

How to prepare?


  • There is very little you have to physically do in preparation. Once the appointment is made and you have selected a package, you just have to make a payment either in the clinic or over the phone. After you complete the payment process we will handle the rest.

Who should be in attendance? Children? Other pets?

  • Our staff is willing to share this experience with anyone you wish to have in attendance. The process of losing a pet is a very personal life event and decisions regarding attendance should be made within your family. Regarding children, the circle of life is not an easy subject to teach, we recommend that you base your decision of the child’s age, emotional attachment to the pet, and so on. If you would like to have your other pets in attendance we encourage it, as long as they are calm. If your other pets are rather rambunctious we recommend that you put them in a separate room. You can bring them out to say their goodbyes when the doctor steps out. Animals instinctually understand the circle of life. While they do grieve their housemates, the home care option provides an opportunity for them to say goodbye.

What happens after?

  • Once the procedure is done you will have time to say your goodbyes, then the doctor and technician will handle the body as requested based on which package you have selected. If you have selected private cremation, the ashes take about two weeks to be returned at which point you can pick them up from Well Pet or we can arrange drop off delivery.


Price Package
$350 - $500 Package includes drive time, home visit, sedation & euthanasia, you may keep the body for home burial or you may transport the body to the pet cremation facility yourself.
$450 - $700 Package includes drive time, home visit, sedation & euthanasia, mobile vet handles gentle body transport for group mixed cremation, nothing saved or returned
$650 - $900 Package includes drive time, home visit, sedation & euthanasia, mobile vet handles gentle body transport for individual cremation, ashes are saved, returned via shipping or hand delivery.

Final price varies by animal’s size, commute time, and location.

Prices are subject to change, please call to request more information.

If you would like us to honor your pet as a member of the Well Pet Rainbow Bridge Family, please CLICK HERE and submit your pet's photo through this google form.  


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