Emergency Veterinarians

East Bay Veterinary Emergency

1312 Sunset Dr,

Antioch, CA 94509 

  Phone: 925-754-5001


2055 Meridian Park Blvd.

Concord, CA 94520

  Phone: 925-627-7243

What is an emergency?


Take your pet to an emergency clinic right away if:

  • Profuse Bleeding
  • Massive Trauma (Hit by car, falls, ect.)
  • Bone Sticking out of skin
  • Multiple or long lasting seizures
  • Non responsiveness
  • Difficulty breathing with non responsiveness
  • Male cats with Urinary Problems


Your pet should be seen today or ASAP if:

  • Bleeding but not profusely
  • Vomiting (with or without diarrhea) in adult vaccinated animals
  • Anorexia of more than one day
  • Single eye problem (usually two eye problems can wait)
  • Sudden onset of violent sneezing
  • Sudden onset of coughing in an older dog
  • Male cats with Urinary Problems


Your pet should come in within the next day:

  • Diarrhea with lethargy, but not vomiting and /or anorexia
  • Teeth issues causing pain and anorexia
  • Sudden onset of ear pain
  • Rapid growth/bleeding lumps


Your pet should be seen at our next available appointment within a day or two if:

  • Coughing (unless older dog)
  • Bloody urine (except in male cats)
  • Ear infections
  • Skin problems (i.e. itching, hair loss)
  • Diarrhea more than one day
  • Moderately growing lumps
  • All chronic issues


Can be scheduled out a week or more:

  • Dental estimates
  • Lumps of long standing
  • Annual exams

We cannot guarantee availability. If your pet is suffering from an emergency condition please take them directly to an emergency clinic. If your animal has an urgent need please call to check our availability. If it is after hours please take your pet to an emergency clinic near you.  

*This list is based on general information purposes only. It does not constitute specific medical advice or opinion. You should not act on this information without consulting a medical profession or qualified solicitor who specializes in this area of expertise and jurisdiction that you require.  


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