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Meet Our Team


Our Doctor:

  • Dr. Laurie J. Noe DVM

    Dr. Noe, avid Disney fan and self proclaimed pirate, is the owner of Well Pet Vet Clinic. She opened the hospital in 2001 to provide the community with an affordable option for high quality veterinary services, with an emphasis on preventative care.   After obtaining her bachelor degree (1981) and DVM (1985) from the University of California at Davis, she worked in general practice, emergency, and even ran a mobile clinic, prior to opening Well Pet. Dr. Noe loves all animals, including her own dogs Yum Yum, Georgie, and many cats.  In her spare time, Dr. Noe enjoys working out, travel, reading, photography drawing, and spending time with her teenage daughter.

Our Management:

  • Darwin

    Is our office manager/business partner. He is a fitness enthusiast and animal lover!

  • Courtney

    Is our assistant office manager and IT coordinator here at Well Pet. She's an avid animal lover and loves spending time with her two Golden Retrievers. 

Our RVTs:

  • Jose

    Has worked at Well Pet for six years as an Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). He is also our lead Spanish translator, team motivator and problem solver. Jose is a big fan of cars and Dobermans. Spanish Speaker

  • Jeremy

    Came to us through his Carrington College externship and then was hired on full time. He recently passed his RVT test! Jeremy is very reliable, knowledgeable and is great with helping in any way he can.

Our Veterinary Assistants:

  • Sandi

    Sandi has worked as veterinary assistant here for 14 plus years. She has a kind heart and is very knowledgeable. She's quick to offer solutions in any circumstance's and is great with cats. She is always willing to help especially with training new employees. 

  • Cindy

    She is our resident expert puppy lover. Cindy has a kind personality and shows love and care to all animals. Cindy is also wonderful with the customers and puts their needs before anyone else’s. Cindy is passionate about Pit bulls, she loves to adovcate for the breed. When shes not at work she's out and about with her crazy pup Marley.  Spanish Speaker

Our Clinic Cats:

  • Our front office supervisor, Miss Chatty!

    Chatty likes to hang out near the front counter and greet everyone as they check out. She is a talker (hence the name) and loves to be petted. Chatty is a 13 year old, domestic shorthair Calico kitty. 

  • Meet the mischievous Mr. Noodle!

    Noodle likes to hang out near the front office and will often jump up on the counter to greet you. He also loves to snuggle and sit in the office chairs with the receptionists as they are working. Noddle is a 15 year old black and white domestic shorthair kitty.

  • Eli is our shy office cat who supervises our back staff.

    Eli likes to climb the cat towers and only comes out for petting when things are calm in the back of house. He is a 11 years old domestic shorthair that loves to hide and sleep in creative places. 

  • Meet Secret!

    She is our customer service kitty that likes to check on clients in exam rooms while their animals are being treated. Secret also supervises the dog kennel room. She is a domestic shorthaired dilute calico, who is 11 years old.

  • Meet Lightning!

    He is our newest addition to the house cat family. Lightning likes to check in on the staff in the back and sticks close to his food bowl. Lightning came to us after being hit by a car and was in need of intensive surgery. He is now fully recovered from his procedures and is adjusting to the life of a clinic cat.


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